The very heart of Jesus Christ was that of a servant. Our hearts need to follow His loving example. To serve is to put others before you, to elevate their needs above yours. Serving God by serving others is challenging but the very essence of faith in Christ.
      GCC firmly believes in reaching out to the world to show them the love of Jesus Christ. We meet the needs of people, both near and far. We are encouraged by the willingness of our church body to sacrifice and give of time, talents and resources joyfully so that light might shine in the darkness.

We have opportunities to serve at GCC on Sunday morning and throughout the week, and we have ongoing opportunities to ENGAGE Our World.

  1. Prayer Chain – This is one of the most important ministries that we are all called to be involved in. Join the prayer chain and become a mighty warrior for Jesus.
  2. Missions – Listed in the web site are our many missions we currently support. There are others we need to look at also. If the Lord has placed a mission of need on your heart, bring it to the church. Besides giving funds to these they are also in need of our prayers daily.
  3. Education ministry – Adult, teens, & children we need teachers for different programs that will be available.
  4. Nursery/Children’s church – In the need future we want to have this in place so parents can come & worship without the distraction of taking care of their children. It truly is a key to future growth & a badly need area of ministry.
  5. Visitor’s Ministry – There is many different things that need to be done, some with your name on it. Making of gifts; emailing notes; welcoming visitors; praying for our visitors; visitation to visitors & many other functions. See the detailed list in the back of the church.
  6. Building Committee – We have plans in place for building & grounds improvement. We need volunteers for the future projects. This year we will double our parking area & start on the handicap bathroom on the main floor & new stairs. Future projects include a new ramp & entrance; an elevator & other misc. projects.
  7. Grounds Keeping – Do you have a green thumb? We have many flower beds that need attention. You don’t have to the time to do them all, but you can adopt 1 specific area.
  8. Advertising Ministry – With the many things we have planned for the future, we need to get the word out to the community. We need someone to head & organize all advertising outside of the web site. We have many movies, concerts & other items we need to get the word out. As an example the quilting classes which will have a short prayer time & devotions with it.
  9. Refreshments – Members & regular attenders make up special refreshments for the sharing time after each service. This is a very important ministry. There is a sign-up sheet for you to take a week or a month to provide refreshments after the service & share you talent.
  10. Other Areas – I am also sure there are areas on your hearts also we need to look. Those are very important & we need to build on them. I know some of our church took blankets & quilts to The Gospel Mission which is a ministry in its self. I encourage all of you to think out of the box, because we are serving a mighty God.

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