We see the need to reach out to people in need in many ways. We have supported local people going through difficult times. We have been involved in local food pantries & gifts of clothes & food for years. We have reached out to those who were fighting drugs & alcohol with love & support. We reach out beyond our local community by supporting following organizations on a regular basis.

The Gospel Mission of Sioux city
We have for years supported The Gospel Mission of Sioux city with monthly gifts & have supplied storage trailers. They will be opening a men’s shelter soon, for men with children facility. In addition to the men’s only shelter & the Women’s shelter with children.
the gospel mission

Gideons International
We have been involved with Gideons International which places Bible in motel & hotels for 40 plus years. They also handout personal bibles in over 200 countries & have distributed over 2 BILLION bibles to date.

Faith Comes By Hearing
We have also supported the “Military Bible Stick” Through Faith Comes by Hearing” which spreads the Gospel message to our troops throughout the world.

World Vision
We are also contributors (both individuals & GCC) to World Vision for supporting children in need of food & the basics of life.

Youth for Christ
Last year we started supporting Youth for Christ

Youth for Christ